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Watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition Howd They Do That online: Episode 10 Leomiti-Higgins Families

Viewers will witness how the design team came to the Santa Fe Springs, California home of the Leomiti-Higgins Family. In 2004, the five Higgins children, aged 14 to 21, lost their parents within three months of each other. In addition to going through the devastating loss, they had to figure out a way to stay together and continue living in the two-room converted motel/apartment that the family had shared. If the oldest sons, Charles Jr., 21 and Michael, 19, worked full-time to care for their siblings -- Sharis, 17, Joshua, 16 and 14-year-old Jeremiah -- they would have to quit school, which they knew would have devastated their parents. When the Leomiti family, who were once neighbors to the Higgins, learned of the plight of the Higgins children, they knew in their hearts what they had to do. Without thinking about the inconvenience of space, Phil and Loki Leomiti insisted that the five children come to live with them in their small house. Along with their three children -- Jaboy, 19,

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