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What is Old Bear Stories about?
This charming show, written by Jane Hissey, is a faithful adaptation of her popular Old Bear books. The TV series won huge success when it was first aired in 1993, gaining strong ratings and a huge fanbase. It was also hailed by the critics and has won numerous awards including a prestigious BAFTA award. Each episode focuses on the adventures of Old Bear and his loveable friends in and about the playroom. The series uses stop-frame animation techniques which gives the toys a very real look. After 3 highly successful series, the show ended on a high point with an extended christmas special in 1997. Originally broadcast on "ITV", the show can now be seen on "five".

Actors: Anton Rodgers
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Old Bear Stories

    Episode 1: Old Bear  

Season 2 of Old Bear Stories

    Episode 1: Ruff  
    Episode 5: Jigsaw  
    Episode 6: Hoot  
    Episode 8: The Play  
    Episode 13: The Car  

Season 3 of Old Bear Stories

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