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Watch R U The Girl With T Boz Chilli online: Episode 4 WHAT ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS IN ATLANTA

When T-Boz & Chilli arrive in Atlanta, they ambush their final girl, O'so Krispie, and invite her to be part of the competition. After the nine girls move into the Atlanta mansion, T-Boz & Chilli put them to their first test by dividing them into three groups to see how well they work together, but it's obvious that some of the girls aren't strong enough. After watching each of the performances, T-Boz & Chilli decide to send Lesli, Lauren and Nazanin home. From the start, Lesli is a loner. Things get more difficult when she spends little time working on her routine with her teammates, O'so Krispie and Mirrah. Frustrations brews when Lesli is more concerned with a smoke break than rehearsing. At the elimination ceremony, T-Boz & Chilli's main criticism is that they don't look like a group. The girls think it's obvious that Lesli is more of a solo artist and as a result, they know she isn't the right fit for them and send her home. Lauren works hard on her performance and is convinced that she gave it her all. But throughout practice, her teammates Crystal and Arielle don't think she is getting the routine down. They give her direction, but feel she is the weakest performer of all of the girls. T-Boz & Chilli agree. They think Lauren has a beautiful voice, but she is not a strong dancer. Since dancing is a huge part of TLC, Lauren is eliminated. Nazanin has trouble throughout rehearsals as she can't remember the lyrics and has problems with some of the vocal parts of the song, causing major concern among her teammates, Alju and Meah. Although T-Boz & Chilli think their group has the best crowd participation, their harmonies are missing. They notice Nazanin loses her way during the routine, and she lets it show. Therefore, they have to let her go.

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