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What is Ladies' Man (1980) about?
Welcome to the Ladies' Man (1980) guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. Nearly 20 years before CBS began airing the Alfred Molina sitcom of the same name (and virtually the same premise), they aired 15 episodes of this series. Alan Thackary was surrounded by women. A single father, raising daughter Amy (Natasha Ryan), he worked at Women's Life magazine, where he was a feature writer. At home, he often had to call on the help of Betty Brill (Karen Morrow), a housewife who lived in his building; as well as his ex-wife, Sheila (Julie Cobb), who popped in from time to time. At work, there were many other women to deal with... Elaine Holstein (Louise Sorel) was his sophisticated boss, the managing editor of Women's Life. His co-workers included the lovely ladies Andrea McGibbons (Betty Kennedy), Gretchen (Simone Gibbons) and Susan (Allison Argo). The only male in his life was Reggie, the harried account

Actors: Herb Edelman, Julie Cobb, Betty Kennedy, Allison Argo, Karen Morrow, Louise Sorel, Lawrence Pressman, Simone Griffeth, Natasha Ryan

Season 1 of Ladies' Man (1980)

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