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What is The Money Maze about?
Welcome to The Money Maze guide at TV Tome. Nick Clooney (George's dad & Rosemary's brother) hosted this unusual game show. Two married couples competed. One ran the maze while the other played in the q&a round. A subject was given & it was up to the contestants to choose the correct answers. Whoever had the most points after 8 answers got to play the maze round (if there was a 4-4 tie, a jump in question was played). In the maze round, the runner had to go to a certain area, hit the button to win the prize. The caller would call out directions & had 15 seconds to reach the button. Three rounds were played. Then it was time for the Catch-Up round, where both couples played the quiz round. The trailing couple had to give correct answers to questions (IE: If they were trailing by 14, they would have to answer 5 questions correctly; 1 pt, 2 pts, up to 5 points). Then the other couple had to answer one question correctly (6 points) to win the

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