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What is Mission Hill about?
Mission Hill revolves around Andy French, a 24-year-old charmingly lazy guy, and his nerdy teenage brother Kevin who moves into Andy's big city loft. These two couldn't be more opposite: Andy can never seem to settle on a particular job or girlfriend, while straight-A Kevin never gets a B or a girlfriend." "The show takes place in the fictional city of Cosmopolis's equally fictional neighborhood of Mission Hill. It's a hip place full of diverse, colorful characters -- think Silver Lake in Los Angeles, Wicker Park in Chicago or Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Regulars also include Posey Tyler, the whimsical roommate who hides a secret dark side, and Andy's mellow best friend Jim Kuback who's well-connected to the hip downtown scene. Across the hall are Natalie, Carlos and their baby, who are, respectively, a painter, a professor and an infant. Next door are Gus and Wally, a gay couple in their 60s given to loud fights and loud making up." ( press release) Picked

Actors: Jane Wiedlin, Brian Posehn, Tom Kenny, Tress MacNeille, Lisa Kushell, Herbert Siguenza, Bill Oakley, Scott Menville, Vicki Lewis, Josh Weinstein, Nick Jameson, Wallace Langham
Genre: Animation, Comedy


Season 1 of Mission Hill

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