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What is Tom Goes to the Mayor about?
Tom Peters is full of ideas. The Mayor is eager to embrace almost any proposal, as long as it is accompanied by a snazzy PowerPoint presentation or a cool musical number. Tom Peters is a would-be entrepreneur and civic do-gooder in the eccentric small town of Jefferton. He brings his crackpot ideas to The Mayor, who invariably infuses them with his own twisted, often diabolical, charm. From there, the show explores the comedic possibilities of government machinations, provincial thinking and tragically misguided civic pride. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the show's creators, met in 1994 as college freshmen at Temple University, helping each other out on film and video coursework. After graduation, they continued to work together, working in both New York and Philadelphia on strange short films.

Actors: Eric Wareheim, Tim Heidecker, Stephanie Courtney, Ron Lynch, Craig Anton
Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Tom Goes to the Mayor

    Episode 12: Rebirth  

Season 2 of Tom Goes to the Mayor

    Episode 3: Jeffy  
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