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Watch Cluedo online: Episode 4 Charity Begins at Home

Before a charity auction at the Grange, a window cleaner is found eavesdropping. Ben is in fact a private eye brought in by Elizabeth Peacock to detect a sneak thief. Ben is soon dead. Who killed him?Scarlet knew Ben had searched her bedroom - but what did he find in her drawers? ... Mrs White was the petty thief at the Grange, and Ben had found her hoard... Elizabeth Peacock and Michael Mustard were overheard by the detective talking about a lost masterpiece they had found among the charity auction lots and hoped to buy for next to nothing, and Ben had wanted a piece of the action... He had previously investigated the disappearance of 5,000 from the local church, in which Jonathan Green may have been implicated... Peter Plum had reason to believe Ben had fathomed the mystery of the missing Old People's Holiday Fund...

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