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What is The Quiz Kids Challenge about?
Welcome to The Quiz Kids Challenge guide at TV Tome. A youths-vs.-the adults affair. That's the way to summarize the short-lived The Quiz Kids Challenge, the most recent revival of the popular children's quiz show from the Golden Age of Radio and early television. Two teams of three players - one of kids, ages 11-15; and the other a rotating panel of adults - competed in a three-round question and answer contest, played thusly: * Round 1: Host Prince revealed eight categories, each containing three answers. The returning champions chose the first category. A correct answer was worth $50, though a wrong answer allowed the opposing team to guess. The entire category was played before moving to another. * Round 2: Eight new categories were revealed. The first question in each category was worth $50. If one player was correct, one of his/her teammates could answer a second question for $100. If that player was correct, the remaining team member could answer a third ques

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