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What is Wordplay about?
Welcome to the Wordplay guide at TV Tome. Wordplay was a word game played for laughs. Two contestants competed. The Wordplay game board consisted of 9 words, in three rows of three. It looked a little bit like this. IDIOCY = LUNATIC--BRIOCHE--CONUNDRUM = = = PLATITUDE=PSYCHE=ONOMATOPOEIA = = ASSONANCE PHLEGM The lines and equal signs show how certain words were connected to each other (each one is connected to at least one other). As you can see, the first and third rows were on a level with each other; the middle row was one row higher. Alternating turns, the contestants would each pick a word, and a panel of three celebrities would give their definitions (getting more than a few yuks from the audience at times). It was up to the contestant to pick which one was right. If corre

Actors: Tom Kennedy, Charlie O'Donnell, Jamie Farr

Season 1 of Wordplay

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