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Watch Popotan online: Episode 1 Secret House

A young boy called Daichi visits a mansion in an attempt to impress Asuka, a girl in his class who believes in ghosts. Inside, he meets three sisters, Ai, Mai, Mii and their maid, Mea. Unknown to Daichi, the mansion and its inhabitants are traveling through time and space. After hearing him spread a rumor that the mansion is haunted, and learning of his feelings for Asuka, the three sisters, led by Ai, agree to help Daichi fake photographs to impress her. When he shows the photographs at school his schoolmates initially believe the house to be haunted, but they later discover the truth. Believing that Asuka now hates him, Daichi returns to Ai for consolation, and falls asleep. When he wakes up, Daichi finds himself lying in a field of dandelions as the mansion disappears and Asuka comes by to see him.

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