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Watch Popotan online: Episode 12 Popotan

The episode begins after the sister's final travel through time shown in the anime with Daisuke, Daichi and Asuka's younger child, asking a grown-up Mai, Konami's daughter, about the girls. After this, the episode backtracks to each of the sisters spends time with the person they have the best memories of from their journey, while Shizuku and Keith keep watch: Ai becomes once again becomes young Daichi's teacher, Mai goes back to school with Konami; and Mii returns to Nono and her grandfather. However, the sisters begin to realize that although they cherish their friendships, they cherish their time together even more. Mea returns to pick them up, to continue on their journey. They say their goodbyes and Ai wishes for Keith to be able to find a special place for himself one day, as the sisters have done. In the final scene, an older Mai, Konami's daughter, has just finished telling the epic of the girls' time travels to Daisuke when they see a flash of light, the arrival of the mansion.

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