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Watch Popotan online: Episode 9 One More Time

Forty years later, the girls return to the city Konami once lived in. Shortly after their arrival, Mai, the middle sister, mistakes Konami's daughter, also named Mai, for Konami. Konami's daughter has always resented being named after her mother's friend, so when Mai tries to befriend her she is at first rebuffed. Their relationship blossoms after Konami's daughter finds Mai searching through some garbage looking for the sketchbook that her classmates had hidden. The sketchbook is returned to her by some other classmates. Konami's daughter tells Mai how her mother had waited for her return, which rekindles Mai's unhappiness about the impact the girls' journey has on those who are left behind. Following Mai's sudden departure, Konami's daughter is distraught, and she suddenly realizes that her vanished new friend and the girl whose portrait her mother once drew are one and the same.

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