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What is Totally Obsessed about?
Welcome to the Totally Obsessed guide at TV Tome. Totally Obsessed takes you on a journey into the strange and fascinating world of people who take pop culture obsession to the extreme. Pop Culture may be the "candy" of life, but for a small few, this confection affects their lives in ways we can't imagine until now. Have you watched every episode of Miami Vice over 200 times? Do you love Disney so much that you have it in your will that your ashes be scattered over The Seven Seas Lagoon and Pirates of the Carribean? Or, are you so obsessed with Madonna's costumes that you ditched your dream of being a doctor to become this diva's double? Hosted by offbeat funnyman Fred Willard, Totally Obsessed introduces you to people that push the ordinary to the extraordinary and make obsessive-compulsive fanatical devotion a way of life. Pull up a chair for an off-the-wall, half-hour to celebrate pop-culture's most twisted devotees. It's 100% unbridled enthusiasm set free. It's Totally

Actors: Fred Willard

Season 1 of Totally Obsessed

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