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What is Wish*a*roo Park about?
Welcome to the Wish*a*roo Park guide at TV Tome. This was the only attempt by WVIZ in Cleveland at a full-scale, nationally-distributed children's television series. WVIZ, a former ITV dynasty, became "presenter" of Wish*a*roo Park in June 1999 after three pilot programs (listed here as Shows 1, 2 and 3) were tested off-air in select markets. Paula Luciano, a Clevelander, had been spending almost ten years getting her Wish*a*roo from concept to air. Wish*a*roo was the matriarch of the series. Much the way Ben Vereen anchored Zoobilee Zoo but didn't get involved in the plots, wise Wish*a*roo deferred the spotlight to her Park Pals. There was Cali Flower, the artistic rabbit. There was Monkey B., the musician. There was Pomp O'Dor, the leather-jacketed skunk with an image to uphold. And then there were incidental characters who backed up the three major players. The Duckles, Dan-Dan and Della, who mostly told jokes and didn't get in anyone's way. Wisherfish rea

Season 1 of Wish*a*roo Park

Season 2 of Wish*a*roo Park

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