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What is Mutant League about?
Welcome to Mutant League. The series delivers a new breed of ultimate athletes. Each episode that targeted a specific sport like basketball up to football. The teams were made up of mutant creatures who only cared about one thing, winning. Because of that, there were no rules in these games. The games were pretty bloody because limbs were getting ripped off, people were getting trampled... it was an all out mess. The only winner of these games was the team or person left standing and breathing. Mutant League is based on the original series of videogame concept from Elelctronic Arts.

Actors: Barbara Jeanne Harrison, Robert Panepinto, William Summers, Doug Stone II, Rich Bulloyd, Kati Starr, Robert Brousseau, Mark Fleisher, Jim Herbie, Roman Foster, Jerry Lee
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Mutant League

Season 2 of Mutant League

    Episode 18: Strike  
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