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The Colorado is visited by a representative of the gaming commision that is intent on finding out whether cheating is really going on. Molloy tells Lowball to make this problem go away. Lowball agrees, but only if Molloy agrees to fire the Matador. Meanwhile, Clark, Eddie, and Miami open Seymour's safe deposit box, finding money and some old articles written about the Colorado. They decide that the big game must happen tonight. Nickel tracks down Tropical Henry and demands he confess to the murder. He doesn't want to take the blame, so he rats out the real killer: Skip. Skip is very unhappy that Henry told Nickel, so he takes out a knife to kill him. Henry throat is slashed, and the only reason he is not dead is because a janitor happened to be cleaning and could have been a witness to it. Henry then goes to Nickel and says he will make a confession that Skip and Everest killed Seymour. They go to the police station and share this info with Chief Carruthers. It was a trap, though, as N

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