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What is The Insiders Guide to Happiness about?
The Insiders Guide to Happiness is a quirky, contemporary urban television drama with strong, believable and distinctly Kiwi characters. The series is based around a diverse group of people whose lives become inextricably inter-linked. With young, modern authentic characters and story-lines based around their urban world. The series looks at life, love and above all, the every-day pursuit of happiness. Featuring an exciting mix of modern storytelling techniques, including time-jumps, voice over narration and multiple storylines. We follow the lives of eight individuals each on their own separate journey. Their narratives at first appear disconnected from each other but set off by one spectacular inciting incident (an ambulance crash) their stories increasingly inter-weave and intersect as each character influences the others' fates.

Actors: Sally Stockwell, Fasitua Amosa, Sophia Hawthorne, Madeleine Sami, Samantha Jukes, Ben Barrington, Paolo Rotondo, Fraser Brown, Will Hall

Season 1 of The Insiders Guide to Happiness

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