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What is Surgical Spirit about?
Surgical Spirit was a highly successful sitcom first released in 1989, which then ran for 7 seasons. It centered around a female consultant surgeon, Sheila Sabatini, whose razor-sharp tongue, withering sense of humour and domineering behaviour made her a force to be reckoned with. Driven by a desire to succeed in this male dominated environment, her stand-offish behaviour also marks a soft centre, though few people get close enough to discover that. The show focusses on Sheila's work life and how she contends with this, a wayward son, her soon to be ex-husband, and boyfriend (in the later seasons). Nicola McAuliffe gives a very memorable performance as the spiky Sheila Sabatini, with Duncan Preston as Dr Haslam.

Actors: Marji Campi, Simon Harrison, Lyndham Gregory, Andrew Groves, Beresford Le Roy, Nichola McAuliffe, Duncan Preston, David Conville, Emlyn Price, Suzette Llewellyn

Season 1 of Surgical Spirit

    Episode 5: Fame  

Season 2 of Surgical Spirit

Season 3 of Surgical Spirit

Season 4 of Surgical Spirit

Season 5 of Surgical Spirit

Season 6 of Surgical Spirit

    Episode : Yes Or No  

Season 7 of Surgical Spirit

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