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Penelope comes on her motorbike to start the comedy off & see's a guard and he asks her for her name and it isn't on the list. So... she bribes him with money - doesn't work, jeweles - doesn't work, and then she is teasing him with a pizza slice and chucks it in the air. Then the guard go's after it and Penelope go's full speed into the entrance. Amanda then tries to kick off the show, but can't due to a loud noise upstairs, she then go's to see what it is. Once she gets to the top, she see's 3 big blokes country dancing and asks them to be quiet... as she is doing a show! They agree and then there's an advert of Popcorn Pants, in gravy, ketchup and many others flavours. Then there's another advert for Moody's Point (Taking the mickey out of Dawson's Creek) thats going to be shown next week on The Amanda Show. Then it's time for another blockblister, and a boy comes in with an annoying / girly voice saying that his mother ordered ""Snow Day"" and it wasn't ""Snow Day""! But the daughter co

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