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What is Rock Camp about?
So, now you're here and you're dying to know: What IS Rock Camp? Well, it's not about geology - it's a TV series based on a summer camp for young Canadian rock musicians. That's right. Rock! Rock and roll, punk, heavy metal, hardcore, emo, grunge, whatever. We are talking about maximum rock and roll, served hot and ready the way YOU like it. No cheesy covers,(except maybe when we're being ironic) and especially none of that pre-fab, ooh-baby baby-enough-to-fill-a-whole-box-of-diapers-with-crap you hear on those OTHER shows. We don't wanna say it's a reality series because we don't want you to think it's fake or uhhh...idolish. And we don't want to say a documentary series cause we don't want you to think anything uhhh...boring-ish. It's more like a combo of the two. Like a...rockumentary! The whole thing is based on a real summer camp program that's been happening for 18 years, except this time, it's going on TV. And it's not totally like camp, like Camp Wammalooga or whatever. Al

Actors: Phil Massicote, Nichola Sooley, Mike Oulette, Mike Ouellette, Richard Wall, Rob Benvegenu, Joel Plaskett, Ian McGettigan, Brad Conrad, Ryan Cheung, Mike Kuzub, Krystal Gibbon, Conor Whitehead, Andrew Cave, Alan Nagelberg, Sam King, Devin Young, Doug Hoyer, Kevin Gaudet,

Season 1 of Rock Camp

    Episode 1: Arrival  
    Episode 2: Solo  
    Episode 8: Studio  
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