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Watch The Fantastic Journey online: Episode 10 The Innocent Prey

The travelers are awaken by the sound of a crashing space ship. But not just a space ship a prison ship during the crash one of the prisoners (York) gets loose and kills the pilot and then frees the other prisoner (Tye) who is injured during the crash but semi conscious. Thinking the copilot was dead they leave the ship and run into our group who had run to see if they could be of help. they take them back to there camp where Fred takes care of Tye they invite the 2 to join there party in the trip to Eviland and the way home not knowing of there criminal past. The next day they come to a community of innocent for they know nothing of thieves or murders all is open and everything is shared. Rayat the leader offers the travelers a place to stay while Tye recuperates and even to join their community if they chose to. when Scott asks Rayat's daughter Natica about the stone in her necklace she shows them that they have the power (with the help of a magical orb) to change strawberries into d

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