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Watch The Fantastic Journey online: Episode 9 Riddles

A mysterious rider comes to the group with a riddle that tells of a stone which is a key to lead them home to Eviland. he says to follow the runner Kedryn for he will lead them to the house below and in a hall of echoes they will find the stone but be warned nearing you see with other eyes in holding things alter shape and size in giving you win the prize. and off the rider goes just as they see a man running Fred and Varian take chase during this chase Kedryn makes a rock slide happen with his mind. the chase leads to a house in a valley (the house below) they go back for the others and bring them to the house where Kedryn and Krysta welcome them during dinner a storm starts outside and when the lightning strikes Scott sees an old man where Kedryn is sitting he is unsettled and later tells the others what he has seen (approaching seeing with other eyes) so the next day Willoway plays sick. while Fred and Scott keep Kedryn and Krysta away from the house horse back riding, Varian and

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