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Watch The Fantastic Journey online: Episode 5 A Dream of Conquest

In the next time zone the group witnesses a group of solders hunting a creature (The Neffring) both from another world. The Neffring is caught and so is our group they are taken to a nearby city where it is learned that there leader Luther is very ill. Nikki the son of the leader ask if any of the travelers is a doctor and Fred and Varian see what they can do to help. Willoway learns from lara of a plan that second in command Consul Tarant has to invade the other time zones upon the leaders death and offers to play spy for her to learn where the troops are stationed. it gets a little hairy when it is learned by Consul Tarant that not only have Fred and Varian find out that Luther was poisoned by Tarant brother but also of Willoway spy game

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