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Watch The Fantastic Journey online: Episode 4 Children of the Gods

the group comes across an ancient Greek temple and decides to make camp for the night. while scouting the area Varian and Fred see a boy fall and take him back to the camp site when the boy wakes up he is terrified of the adults but seems to trust Scott a little more then the rest with the help of Varian's healing device the boy falls asleep during the night the boy wakes up and decides to leave while the group is asleep but Scott wakes up and follows him a short distance away both Scott and the boy are captured by the boys people who turn out to be all children who happen to hate and fear adults and who also have a deadly weapon inherited from the adults that ran the colony before they were wiped out by war. While the group searches for Scott, Willoway is found by a group of the children as he is leaving the temple (an act punishable by death) and brought to the city. In the mean time Varian Fred and Liana arrive at the city demanding Scott be released to them Now the children h

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