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Watch The Fantastic Journey online: Episode 3 Beyond the Mountain

A strange red storm cloud separates Liana from the rest of the group where she is found by Jonathan Willoway (Roddy McDowall), a noted scientist from Earth in the 1960s Meanwhile Varian, Fred and Scott find themselves in a swamp where they meet green-skinned aliens, and help to cure their leader from a malaria type disease. They learn that these people used to live beyond the mountain. Willoway drove them off by turning their helpers, which are in fact androids, against them. Willoway now a bit lonely with only androids for company decides to make Liana his wife. He sends the androids to make sure Varian, Fred and Scott don't interfere with his plans. One of the androids (Cyrus) develops feelings for Liana and when Willoway states that if Liana doesn't stay with him he would kill them all, Cyrus destroys the androids power source. Jonathan Willoway is defeated and even after saying he would kill the travelers, they allow him to join them.

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