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A group of scientists sailing the Caribbean are shipwrecked after entering a strange green mist. They do not know the island they are stranded and cannot explain why the land holds all kinds of different plants and animals that don't belong together (its like being in a zoo) two of the group tried to get to the shipping lanes in a small dingy to flag down help but died in the attempt they washed a shore the next day. Unknown to the rest of the group they were being watched by an Indian and when they traveled inland the Indian followed. when the Indian made himself know it was to fix a broken arm of the Capt. then lead the group to a cave for shelter where the group found a mummy and hieroglyphic's that don't belong together and also looked freshly painted that morning the Indian left as the group slept but young Scott woke and followed learning that he wasn't an Indian but a man from the 23rd century named Varian and he explained about the island and how he crashed here himself meanw

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