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What is The Player about?
Welcome to the The Player guide at TV Tome. "Don't hate the playa, hate the game." The Player is a new, sexy reality series set in the bling-bling world of mansions, cool cars, and VIP parties that follows a stunning Miami model named Dawn and her two girlfriends for eight weeks as they pit 13 self-described "players" against each other in a quest to be the last one standing. A cultural cross-section of men will find themselves living together in a palatial mansion in South Florida with Dawn and her beautiful girlfriends. Each episode, the guys will receive a challenge from the anonymous "Player Operator" (voiced by a mystery celebrity guest), which will test their skills in maneuvering the minefields of the dating world and the world of "players." Their ability to carry out these tasks will determine who gets to go on glamorous dates with Dawn. Throughout the hot spots of South Beach and Miami, these self-proclaimed "masters of the opposite sex" will attemp

Actors: Rob Mariano, Alex, Federico, Eian, Marvin, Chyno, Jinelle Benitez, Ananda Torres, Dawn Olivieri, Acie, Jason, Ben, Bryan, Kyle, J.J., Trevor, Bryon
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of The Player

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