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What is The Line about?
No heroes or villains - only cops, criminals and everyone in between. At the centre of The Line are two cops who are as morally ambiguous as the criminals they pursue. Max has lost interest in conventional police work and has developed his own methods for dealing with the criminals he seems hell-bent on destroying. Donny has been almost completely torn apart by the job, yet seems dementedly optimistic in the face of his crumbling life. Their paths intertwine with Carlos, a mid-level drug dealer with an anxiety problem who is caught between warring drug suppliers and a wife who wants nothing to do with him. In Carlos Max sees an opportunity to sabotage the criminal underpinning of the entire neighbourhood. Set in a suburban wasteland that could border any city, The Line is a multi-layered story woven around a group of fully human characters.

Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of The Line

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