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What is Renovate My Family about?
Welcome to the Renovate My Family guide at TV Tome FOX is making over America one family at a time with Renovate My Family. From fine-tuning each family member's personal appearance, to architectural face-lifts of the home, to "pimped-out" cars and even something special for the pets, nothing is left undone on this life-altering makeover series. "This is the most comprehensive makeover show ever on television," said Darnell. "Leaving no stone unturned, this crew of experts will literally change people's lives, taking on every member of the family. They'll transform sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, dogs, cars and will even strip a house down to studs if they have to." Hosted by best-selling author Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil McGraw, Renovate My Family is not just a home-improvement show it's a life improvement program that visits families who have encountered some challenge along the way. Whether it be weight issues, physical disabilities or a home that is cr

Actors: Jay McGraw, Kahh Lee, Jaclyn Dahm, Scott McCray, Erica Dahm, Nicole Dahm

Season 1 of Renovate My Family

Season 2 of Renovate My Family

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