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What is Hotlines about?
Welcome to the Hotlines guide. HOTLINES is an upbeat Hi-Def reality adventure TV series that will take us to exotic, fun hotspots and show you what you've been missing. The HOTLINES cast will visit every visually stunning location on earth, with supersaturated colors, almost-too-perfect mountains, ocean vistas, and gorgeous beaches. From Marlin fishing the crystal blue Hawaiian waters of Kona to extreme trekking the jungles of Costa Rica to a Virgin Island night dive with hammerhead sharks, HOTLINES will call on the hottest tropical destinations in search of true extreme adventure. Guest hosts will include major celebrities (including several Baywatch girls) and well-known American pro-sports stars. HOTLINES will reach over 90 million households on SPIKE (TNN) and is distributed in over 100 markets worldwide by Gurney Productions and Indigo Film & Television.. Exotic Destinations, High Adventure, Celebrity Guests, and more!

Actors: Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Deirdre Delaney, Hannah Sunseri, Stacy Kamano, Tracy Kay Wolfe, Ivana Bozilovic, Scott Gurney

Season 1 of Hotlines

    Episode 6: Bahamas  
    Episode 7: Jamaica  
    Episode 9: Panama I  
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