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What is Cold Case Files about?
Cold Case Files is a TV pioneer in the area of forensics, the genre explored in fictional terms by shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But these real detectives blow the dust off old homicide files, walk down the corridors of time and set out on the hunt for a killer... a killer who thinks the search is off. Using new technology and old-fashioned police work, their methods offer a study in patience and perseverance. Cold Case Files takes you on a journey, step-by-step, through the methods used to catch the culprit, examining each piece of forensic evidence, each witness, each building block and turn-in-the-road that ultimately leads detectives to the killer. Episodes have been universally hailed by law enforcement agencies across the country and are regularly used as models for investigative technique in training seminars. Cold Case Files airs in the U.K. on the Biography Channel at 11:00PM (Monday-Friday)

Actors: Danny Pino, Bill Kurtis
Genre: Nonfiction
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Season 1 of Cold Case Files

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    Episode :   

Season 2 of Cold Case Files

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    Episode :   
    Episode :   
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Season 3 of Cold Case Files

Season 4 of Cold Case Files

    Episode 17: Manhunt  

Season 5 of Cold Case Files

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