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What is Balderdash about?
Welcome to the Balderdash guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. Balderdash (bal*der*dash): Senseless Jargon; baloney; nonsense. "Balderdash," based on Mattel's best-selling board game, showcases three celebrity/comedians (such as Tim Meadows, Eric Roberts, and Tammy Pescatelli) who present two contestants with a series of hilarious bluff answers to a variety of questions from the game's various categories including Words, Movies, People, Famous acronyms and Looney Laws. The contestant who can tell the truth from balderdash, will be awarded points toward a chance to win great trips and fabulous prizes.

Actors: Bill Engvall, Elayne Boosler, John Moschitta Jr.

Season 1 of Balderdash

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