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What is Mirror Mirror about?
Created by Posie-Graeme Evans comes Mirror Mirror, a half-hour adventure series that tells the story about an old antique mirror that has been brought in lives of Jo Tiegan (Petra Jared) and Louisa Iredale (Michala Banas) who lives in the same house in New Zealand, but in the different time age. Jo Tiegan lives in 1995 with her parents Catherine (Judy Mcintosh); school principal; & Andrew (Peter Bensley); writer of children's books; and her little brother Royce (Jeffrey Walker (II)). Louisa lives in 1919 with her parents Primrose (Michele Amas) & Joshua (Gerald Bryan) and her brother Titus (Jason Gascoigne). The whole story beginns when Jo receives an old antique mirror from an old strange man. Couple of hours later Jo can sees a strange girl weared in old-fashion clothes and soon they both realise that they can travel throught time. While working on her assignment, Jo will have to face the evil Sir Ivor Creevey-Thorne (Nicholas Hammond) and help his ward Nicholas Al

Actors: Miriama Smith, Michala Banas, Bernard Kearns, Petra Jared, Judie Douglass, Stephen Butterworth, Liza Jones, Jason Gascoigne, Eddie Campbell, James Ashcroft, Judy Mcintosh, Peter Bensley, Jeffrey Walker, Nicholas Hooper, Michele Amas, Gerald Bryan, Nicholas Hammond

Season 1 of Mirror Mirror

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