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Welcome to the Time Machine guide at TV Tome. The early 1980s brought a wave of trivia-based game shows, all trying to duplicate the success of Jeopardy! (which had recently entered syndication). The short-lived Time Machine tried to tie another relatively recent craze nostalgia with trivia in a conglomoration that people probably thought was better-suited for a radio call-in game than an entire series. Contestants who dared step into the Time Machine competed to answer questions about popular culture and recent (usually post-World War II) history. Most of the questions focused on the year an event occurred. Several mini-games were played, with two players each. Some of the games included: The "Jukebox Game" A year was given (e.g., 1963) and contestants had to guess whether a hit song occurred before or after (for instance, "The Twist," hit BEFORE (1960). The "Tube Game" Questions centered around television and when a particular show was on (see abo

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