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What is Extreme Dodgeball about?
In school, some feared this game. Others relished it. But either way you look at it, it's back, and taken to the extreme! Extreme Dodgeball is where 8 teams fight it out for the title of greatest dodgeball team in the world. But what makes this different than the other brands of dodgeball? Because it's professional, five-on-five, multiball, split-court extreme dodgeball. Season Two Extreme Dodgeball returns with bigger stakes and new players. Eight teams of forty rookie and veteran players will be competing for $25,000 in prize money. The 8 teams are as follows: Classic Division Certified Public Assassins: The former champions from season 1, dressed as certified public accountants (that's really what CPA stands for), these guys were the biggest nerds in their schools, but now they're here to dodge red rubber balls like they dodge the IRS. Lineup: Michael "Handsome" Costanza, Mandy "Sunshine" Sommers, Art "Artful Dodger" Spigel, Natasha Pospich, and their captai

Actors: Jerri Manthey, Kimberly Estrada, Zach Selwyn, Declan Galvin, tyrone rush, Strati Hovartez, Lillith Fields, Tobias McKinney, Mary Strong, Mark Long, Jim Burns, Bil Dwyer, Greg James

Season 1 of Extreme Dodgeball

    Episode 1: Round 1  
    Episode 2: Round 2  
    Episode 3: Round 3  
    Episode 4: Round 4  

Season 2 of Extreme Dodgeball

    Episode 1: Round 1  
    Episode 2: Round 2  
    Episode 3: Round 3  
    Episode 4: Round 4  
    Episode 5: Round 5  
    Episode 6: Round 6  
    Episode 7: Round 7  
    Episode 8: Round 8  
    Episode 9: Round 9  
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