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What is The Redd Foxx Show about?
What happens when you take the hilarious comedy of Redd Foxx, and give it an "80's twist"? You get The Redd Foxx Show, a short-lived sitcom which aired on ABC in 1986. The Redd Foxx Show follows the life of Al Hughes (Redd Foxx), a newsstand owner who adopts a "street-wise" teenager named Toni (Pamela Segall). Along with Al is Diana (Rosanna DeSoto), who works with Al in the newsstand, and Jim-Jam (Nathaniel Taylor, Teddy Wilson), who also owns a newsstand of his own. Everything seems to be going fine for Al, but as the show went on, Toni "disappeared", and in came his ex-wife Felicia (Beverly Todd) and his son, Byron (Sinbad). Unfortunately, the show lasted only 4 months. Theme Song Lyrics Written and Performed by: Kool & The Gang On the street...the heart of the city. Life sometimes...ain't so pretty. You're on your own...but you're never alone, no no. (In the city) You must be strong (In the heart of the city). You're not alone, no no no no (In the heart of

Actors: Barry Van Dyke, Sinbad, Rosanna DeSoto, Nathaniel Taylor, Redd Foxx, Teddy Wilson, Pamela Segall, Beverly Todd
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of The Redd Foxx Show

    Episode 1: Pilot  
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