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Watch Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares online: Episode 1 Ruby Tate's

The new series of Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares hits the ground running as Gordon comes to the aid of resting actor Allan Love. Despite an aversion to fish Allan opened Ruby Tates, a high end seafood restaurant in Brighton. But it hasnt been a success. Thanks to a pair of lazy chefs producing badly cooked, poor quality food at premium prices Ruby Tates is losing 1500 a week. And its not just the food thats off-putting. The restaurants name is instantly forgettable, even to locals and the dcor, featuring a paint splattered pair of knickers, is keeping potential punters far from the door. Allan is in denial. He has mortgaged his house to the hilt in an attempt to keep the restaurant out of hot water but hes failing fast. If Gordon cant get the team to pull together and re-inject some passion back into the kitchen, the restaurant will fold in a matter of months and Allan will lose everything. So it's out with farmed sea bass and Canadian lobster and in with sustainable, locally sourced fish as Allan Love gets the Kitchen Nightmares treatment.

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