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Watch Lunar Legend Tsukihime online: Episode 4 The Cradling Garden

Shiki comes crawling home after his battle with Nero. When he awakes in the morning his sister is extremely angered with him for dissapearing and not telling her he would be gone. But due to what he did he can't reveal where he was. He goes to school and gets confronted by Ciel and his friends. He assures them that everything is ok, but Ciel seems oddly concerned with the whole story. That night, Akiha throws a ""coming home"" party for Shiki and they share a special dinner. Later the two maids, Kohaku and Hisui tell Shiki how Akiha was very worried over him and she loves him dearly. Feeling bad he goes over to talk to her. They take a trip down memory lane on when they were kids and how they'd play. Shiki remembers a young boy playing with them but Akiha has no recolection of it. That night when Shiki goes to bed he has a dream that Arcueid crawls through his window to bite his neck. The next morning after he arrives at school he comes to find by looking out the window, Arcueid is on th

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