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Watch Lunar Legend Tsukihime online: Episode 2 The Black Beast

The woman introduces herself as Arcueid, and tells Shiki that he killed her. Confused and scared, he runs off. When he gets to school he realizes he has finally lost her. At lunch he asks Ciel if that was her last night with the sword... Offended, she says no. After school Shiki walks home with his female friend Satsuki, she reminds him how he once helped her out in middle school and that he will always be there for her when she needs him. Its her birthday and she goes off to have dinner at a fancy hotel with her parents. Shiki gets to the mansion and finds Arcueid waiting for him at the gate. Scared again, he runs off. She corners him in an alley. She reveals to him she is a vampire princess. Just then they are attacked by black wolves. She defeats them and takes him back to her hotel. She reveals to him how she came back to life and is weakened now thanks to him. Just then a mysterious man enters the hotel and unleashes several of the black wolves. Arcueid and Shiki go to escape but

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