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What is Dumbo's Circus about?
Each episode of Dumbo's Circus sparkles with lively tunes and as much color as a circus grand finale. A sideshow of tricks and jokes cap eeveyr episode. The series series starred Dumbo; the adorable flying elephant, Barnaby the magical dog, Fair dinkum the ringmaster koala, Q.T the calliope-playing orabgutab, Lilli the feline tightrope artist, Sabastian the roustabout alley cat and Lionel the sideshow barker lion.

Actors: Jim Cummings, Patricia Parris, Ron Gans, Joe Giamalva, Frank Groby, Normal Merrill, Jr., Ron Mangham, Will Ryan, Katie Leigh, Patty Maloney, Hal Smith, Caleb Chung, Walker Edmiston, Sharon Baird, Mark Sawyer
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Dumbo's Circus

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