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What is Texhnolyze about?
In an experimental city of despair and carnage, ORGAN will do anything necessary to gain power and wealth. Unfortunately for one underground boxer who was mutilated, a rogue doctor has given him what ORGAN specializes in and he despises: Texhnolyze body parts. Will these cybernetic appendages help exact his revenge upon the one who made him this way?

Actors: Kumiko Sakuma, Jun Hazumi, Masahiko Tanaka, Osei Egawa, Rei Igarashi, Eiji Yagisawa, Daisuke Kirii, Gina Grad, Patrick Seitz, Sparky Roberts, Tamara Santana, Yuko Kaida, Saburo Kamei, John E. Breen, Jonas Ball, Brian Conway, Tim Holden, Russell Thor, Howard Clarendon, Ke
Genre: Animation
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Season 1 of Texhnolyze

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    Episode : Opening  
    Episode 1: Stranger  
    Episode 4: Synapse  
    Episode 5: Loiter  
    Episode 7: Plot  
    Episode 8: Crucible  
    Episode 9: Wiggle  
    Episode 11: Vagrant  
    Episode 13: Vista  
    Episode 15: Shapes  
    Episode 16: Strain  
    Episode 18: Throne  
    Episode 20: Hades  
    Episode 22: Myth  
    Episode 99: Ending  
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