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What is Insight about?
The legendary edification of television by the Paulist Fathers ran for a quarter-century and produced 250 dramas (and comedies). Nearly everyone in Hollywood worked on Insight at one time or another, including directors such as Arthur Hiller, Norman Lloyd, Jack Shea, Delbert Mann, Ted Post, and Marc Daniels, writers such as Rod Serling, John T. Dugan, Lan O'Kun, and Michael Crichton, and every actor in the Guild.

Season 1 of Insight

    Episode 6: Madam  
    Episode 11: Friends  
    Episode 15: Eddie  
    Episode 25: The Bet  
    Episode 63: Chipper  
    Episode 67: Exit  
    Episode 74: Teddy  
    Episode 83: Leroy  
    Episode 86: Courage  
    Episode 91: Goodbye  
    Episode 107: Thea  
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