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Mark goes to each of the three remaining contestants home towns. He visits Linda and her boyfriend, Dan, in Boston. When Cuban discovers that Linda's poverty story is a lie he is very mad. He later discovers that her claim to not know anything about computers is also a lie. Mark then makes the obvious choice and eliminates Linda. Mark gives Dominic and Femia one minute to tell him why they deserve the money. The interview takes place at American Airlines Center and Mark tells both hopefuls that they have lost. He wants to see how they handle losing. Later it is revealed that Cuban was very impressed with Femia's one minute arguement and that it was her competition to lose. Mark sets up a huge photo shoot and interviews with the media. He wants to see what each person says since they both believe they have lost. In the end, Femia and Dominic figure that something is up after they meet each other at the house. Mark comes out and reveals the winner. Femia pulls her name out o

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