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What is The Koala Brothers about?
Welcome to The Koala Brothers guide at TV Tome! Created by Famous Flying Films, Ltd., The Koala Brothers is half-hour puppet animation (similar to clay animation) series that takes place in the Australian outback. The two main stars of the show are cuddly koala brothers, Frank and Buster. Surrounded by a colorful cast of friends, they're never far from a friend in need. Of course, they've got a cool little two-seater airplane to whisk them to anyplace where their help's needed. A lot of valuable moral and skills are taught in all of the episodes, such as: responsibility, problem-solving, teamwork, helping, and caring, to name a few. Even though "The Koala Brothers" is aimed at pre-schoolers, adults would enjoy its simplicity and humor. Additionally, the animation is wonderfully done and is well worth watching! "We're here to help!" --Frank and Buster CAST Frank, koala. The leader and thinker of the two brothers. He's also the pilot. Buster, koala. The

Actors: Keith Wickham, Janet James, Jonathan Coleman, Rob Rackstraw, Lucinda Cowden

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