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What is Kikaida-01 about?
Welcome to the Kikaida-01 (live-action series) guide at TV Tome. I was just accepted as Editor of this page on 5-21-2004 so please be patient with me. I will have as much information as possible about this show up a.s.a.p.. To all my fellow 01 fans, "01 for Life!". sidemachine P.S. 5-25-2004. Added some info to the Episode List. Just the titles for the first 11 episodes (translated from Japanese into English). Thirty-five more to go. Again, please be patient with me. Also, the titles that ARE up are not all finalized. Gotta put some thought into the titles some more. Language translation is not an exact science. Obviously, the info here is simply my interpretation of the Japanese. Best wishes, all! 11-19-2004: I want to thank kewalaka_1 for his contributions to this webpage. I must say that building this page will be an ongoing thing. To my fellow 01 fans, please be patient with my progress in getting the episode list & guides done! Thank you. P.S. I hi

Actors: Imanishi, Masao, Aomori, Shin, Omiya, Teiji, Wakui, Setsuo, Kiyokawa, Motomu, Watabe, Takeshi, Watabe, Takesh, Kogawa, Saiko, Hosoi, Masao, Suzuki, Taimei, Okabe, Masaaki, Ueda, Shun, Kuri Minoru, Sumidai, Kazuyo, Iizuka, Shouzou, Ikeda, Shunsuke, Ban, Daisuke, Yana No

Season 1 of Kikaida-01

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