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What is Mr. & Mrs. North about?
Carried over from the popular radio program, Mr. & Mrs. North was a mystery/suspense show played with light humor. It featured Jerry North as a book publisher, happily married to his charming housewife, Pamela. Each half-hour episode concerned itself with a mysterious crime, frequently involving a murder that the Norths stumbled upon and solved before show's end. The Norths live in New York City's Greenwich Village and often call upon their friend for assistance, Lieutenant Bill Weigand, a homicide detective with the city's police department. Jerry is considered an intelligent, worldly, capable man whose familiarity with mystery stories should leave him a worthy amateur detective. Pamela is characterized as a simple-minded, naive wife, like so many other women on TV in the '50s. She is presented as reasoning illogically, as well as acting plain foolishly. Sometimes she just doesn't grasp her husband's reasoning or is dismissed for following her own women's intuition. But

Actors: Barbara Britton, Richard Denning, Francis DeSales

Season 1 of Mr. & Mrs. North

    Episode 13: Reunion  
    Episode 14: Target  

Season 2 of Mr. & Mrs. North

    Episode 2: Target  
    Episode 3: Reunion  
    Episode 18: Climax  
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