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What is The Borderers about?
Welcome to The Borderers guide at TV Tome. BBC Scotland drama series set in the Scottish Borders in the 16th Century. These were turbulent times: raids and skirmishes across the border with England; cattle and sheep rustling; disputes settled by sword or gun. Iain Cuthbertson stars as Sir Walter Ker of Cessford (referred to throughout as 'Cessford') the Warden of Liddesdale. (A Warden was roughly the equivalent of a modern day Sheriff.) Michael Gambon co-stars as Gavin Ker, male head of the family the Kers of Slitrig, kinsfolk of Cessford.

Actors: Michael Gambon, Edith McArthur, Nell Brennan, Margaret Greig, James Garbutt, Joseph Brady, Ross Campbell, Eileen Nicholas, Iain Cuthbertson, Russell Waters

Season 1 of The Borderers

    Episode 2: Truce  
    Episode 4: Treason  
    Episode 5: Fugitive  
    Episode 6: Stranger  
    Episode 7: Hero  
    Episode 9: Giant  
    Episode 10: Wedlock  
    Episode 11: Outlaw  
    Episode 12: Justice  

Season 2 of The Borderers

    Episode 3: Snatch  
    Episode 10: Hostage  
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