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What is Chrono Crusade about?
It is after the Great War and the U.S. is experiencing an economic prosperity unlike anything ever seen before. However, all is not well, as the occurences of the ocult and devil-worshippers begin to sprout up all over the country. Enter the Magdalene Order, a special group of excorsist that use tradional methods (holy water and special metal) and infused them into the technology of the time to battle these demons and their summoners. This is the story of Rosette Christopher, a young excorsist and her close friend Chrono, a demon with a dark history, as they go on a quest to find and rescue Rosette's younger brother, Joshua, from the clutches of evil. This is going to be a trip

Actors: Greg Ayres, Akira Ishida, Tiffany Grant, Laura Chapman, Andy McAvin, Hilary Haag, Tomoko Kawakami
Genre: Animation, Fantasy
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Season 1 of Chrono Crusade

    Episode 4: Sinner  
    Episode 5: Militia  
    Episode 7: Devil  
    Episode 8: Puppets  
    Episode 9: Joshua  
    Episode 10: Horn  
    Episode 11: Beast  
    Episode 14: Prayer  
    Episode 15: Pursuer  
    Episode 19: Head  
    Episode 20: Poison  
    Episode 22: Goodbye  
    Episode 23: Noise  
    Episode 24: Chrono  
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