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Watch Pacific Palisades online: Episode 2 The Bet

Kate unsuccessfully tries to tell Robert about her pregnancy when he receives a call informing him of the accident at the Mall. At the Mall, Matt saves Rachel from falling concrete. A doctor assures Nick and Joanna that Rachel suffered no serious injuries, just some swelling at the back of the skull. Robert and Nick blame each other for what has happened as they are swamped by reporters. Beth is suspicious over Cory's nonchalance at her missing bracelet. Laura makes a bet with Cory over seducing Nick. Robert asks Nick and Jessica to investigate the accident and informs Jessica that he is leaving Kate. Cory attempts to get a refund on Beth's bracelet but is forced to offer plastic surgery for the store owner's wife as it is only partial. Rachel comes back to consciousness. Cory assures his attorney that he will raise $20 000. Kate tells Joanna about Robert's affair and her pregnancy. Robert warns Jessica not to resign as it will make the company look responsible for the accid

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